Thursday, January 17, 2013

Totem Poles at the Library

On display at the Worthington Library is a group of fantastic totem poles made by the students at RH Conwell Community Education Center as part of their study of North America during December.  This was a mini-course that taught the children about the Native American way of life which included geography, a history of some of the tribes and culminated in a background of the totem pole.  Children from each class designed and built totem poles, the younger ages helped by the older until a whole community of totem poles had sprung up.  They have been on display at the school for several weeks and now they have come here.  Don't miss seeing the creativity and playfulness of the students' work.  Come into the library and head down to the children's room where the display is presented in all its glory.  This is the first of many displays from Conwell and each is sure to be a delight.
Upstairs on the walls are Althea Mason's beautiful nature-themed paintings and on the shelves you will find a collection of pottery by Valerie Babcock whose work runs from traditional to whimsical.  Everywhere you look, you'll find art!

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